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Interim Fire Chief Mark Johnson

Chief Mark A. Johnson is the Unit Fire Chief.  Chief Johnson's vision for the Fresno-Kings Unit and Fresno County Fire Protection District is to provide the highest level of service to the citizens of Fresno County through the professional abilities of our employees, efficient and cost effective programs, innovative ideas and methods, technological improvements, and continued development of cooperative...[ read more ]

Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips

Often known as the silent killer, carbon monoxide(CO) is an invisible, odorless, colorless gas created when fuel burns incompletely. According to the Center for Disease Control, Carbon Monoxide poisoning claim the lives of up to 480 people each year.
Tips for Safety
* Heating and cooking equipment that burn fuel can be sources of carbon monoxide (CO)
* Never use your oven to heat your home
* A person can be overcome by a small amount of carbon monoxide over a longer period of time or by large amount of carbon monoxide over a shorter period of time
* If using alternate power sources(i.e. generators) to power appliances in your home make sure they are placed in a well ventilated area away from windows, doors, and vent openings
* Only use Gas or Charcoal grills outside your home
* If you need to warm a vehicle, remove it from the garage immediately after starting
* Carbon monoxide alarms are not substitutes for smoke alarms
* If your carbon monoxide alarm activates, check individuals for flu like symptoms (nausea, headache, dizziness etc.) and exit your home and dial 911.
*When installing a carbon monoxide detector follow the manufacturer recommendations for proper installation.

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