Fresno County Fire Protection District Headquarters
210 S. Academy
Sanger, Ca 93657
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Fresno County SRA Fire Safe Regulations

As required by Fresno County Code of Ordinances Title 15 – Building and Construction, Chapter 15.60 – State Responsibility Area Fire Safe Regulations of the County: new construction located within the State Responsibility Areas (SRA) of Fresno County is required to meet certain minimum uniform standards for basic emergency access, perimeter wildfire protection measures, signing and building numbering, private water supply reserves for emergency fire use, and vegetation modifications.  Below are links to the Fresno County Ordinance; the “SRA Residential Guidance Document” and the “Residential Final Inspection Checklist for Compliance with SRA Fire Safe Regulations”.


Fresno County Ordinances

SRA Residential Guidance Document      “Under Construction”

Residential Final Inspection Checklist for Compliance with SRA Fire Safe Regulations         (Download/View PDF Below)


Additional Resources
Download Residential Final Inspection Checklist
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